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Meet the Maker

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A glass artist from St Leonards East Sussex, Keith’s focus is on Kiln fused glass.


Keith's glass evokes a sense of pure form and hidden complexity presented through functional, abstract and contemporary styles, His visions harmonise aesthetics, chemistry, physics and functionality through the exploration and manipulation of glass and its molten and frozen properties.


You can feel the endless adventure that Keith is willing to undertake and see the beauty of fused glass through his colour palettes and themes. 


Not bound by any one genre, Keith positively embraces the idea that his work should cross the boundaries of fun, frivolity, contemplation and joy.


By Nature an Engineer

  • Born in the very new town of Hemel Hempstead, Keith was a product of the Concorde era and comprehensive school system at its best. A proactive and very capable ‘modern technologies' department inspired a creative but industrial/engineering-based love for design, form, functionality and materials. By 18, he had designed and built his own hovercraft!

  • Awarded 'Apprentice of the Year'  for the then mighty Hawker Sidley Engineering
    Group, his career as a satellite navigation engineer flourished until a career change was called for. 

  • A more sedentary existence started in Iraq with the responsibility to manage numerous technology transfer projects from university to industry, leading a team of academics and engineers for over ten years.

  • His career highlight was to be the only designer to have two industrial products
    on display at the prestigious British Design Council Design Centre in London in the summer of 1992.

  • Raising a family accounted for another decade, during which time he used his creativity first to design, build and repair race cars for his sons and later, needing a new challenge, on glasswork. 

  • A major stroke in 2019 left Keith with a paralysed left arm and leg, however turning
    to his passion through bleak times and pandemic isolation Keith learnt to re-use his
    arm and hand to regain his capability. 

  • After three years of hard work, Keith was able to return to the production of glass objects with a renewed focus and direction, as well as running workshops and courses. He also delivers entertaining interactive and animated audio-visual presentations often accompanied by a practical demonstration.

Let’s Work Together

Old Roar Glass

Fun, frivolous, contemporary glass art designed in Hastings, UK

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